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In 1981 all the "movers and shakers" for sport and recreation for people with a disability in British Columbia were brought together by the Recreation and Sport Branch of the provincial government to form an umbrella group, the British Columbia Sport and Recreation Council for the Disabled. This was done with the administrative assistance of the B.C. Recreation and Parks Association who also provided the first Chair.

In 1986, the organization was registered provincially and the name was changed to the British Columbia Sport & Fitness Council for the Disabled. The members of the Council were the disability-specific sport organizations and sport-specific organizations persons with a disability, and a small number of advisory members.

Today, BC Disability Sports is a federation of nine active, fully functioning, provincial sport governing bodies who are responsible for providing competitive and recreational programs to meet the needs and demands of their members.


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The Langley 2000 BC Games for Athletes with a Disability had over 400 participants, 850 volunteers, and raised $29,000 for the community legacy fund.

Our current members include the Canadian Amputee Sports Association - B. C. Division (CASA-BC), the British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association (BCBSRA), SportAbility BC (formerly the Cerebral Palsy Sports Association), BC Deaf Sports Federation (BCDSA), Disabled Sailing Association (DSABC), BC Sledge and Ice Picking (BCSHIP), BC Therapeutic Riding Association (BCTRA) and BC Wheelchair Basketball Society (BCWBS).

Our mandate is to provide and ensure opportunities for every individual in British Columbia who has a disability to reach his or her maximum potential in fitness and competitive excellence.  Our mission is to provide leadership and support to our member organizations while striving to maximize the participation of British Columbians with disabilities in sport, recreation and physical education.

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