BC Disability Sports

A Brief History of BC Disability Sports

Twenty years ago, in 1981, the major players involved in sport and recreation for people with a disability in British Columbia were brought together by the Recreation and Sport Branch of the provincial government to form an umbrella group, the British Columbia Sport and Recreation Council for the Disabled. In 1986, the organization  was registered provincially and the name was changed to the British Columbia Sport and Fitness Council for the Disabled.  The members of the Council were disability-specific sport organizations and sport specific organizations for person with a disability, as well as a small number of advisory members.  In 2001, the Council initiated a change and renewal process that resulted in a name change to BC Disability Sports.  Today, the association is a collaboration of active, fully functioning, provincial sport governing bodies that are responsible for providing competitive and recreational programs to meet the needs and demands of their individual members.



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Our logo was designed by internationally acclaimed artist Andrew Lewis.  Its circular design represents positive movement and kinetic energy.  The focus of the design is two figure interacting positively.  The left hand (red) figure appears to be assisting the right hand (black) figure to rise, representing the athlete/coach, student/teacher relationship and the spirit of teamwork in achieving life's goals.

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