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BC Disability Games
A Brief History

The B.C. Games for the Disabled were hosted by the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association - BC Division from 1968 to 1984.  In1985, the Games came under the direction of the B.C. Sport & Fitness Council for the Disabled (now known as BC Disability Sports).  In 1995, the Games underwent a name change and became known as the BC Games for Athletes with a Disability.

In 1993, the B.C. Sport & Fitness Council for the Disabled formed a partnership with the B.C. Games Society and the BC Disability Games became one of the five multi-sport Games which comprise the B.C. Family of Games.  The B.C. Family of Games includes the BC Disability Games, the Northern BC Winter Games, the BC Winter Games, the BC Summer Games, and the BC Seniors Games.

BC Disability Sports coordinates the Games on behalf of a number of its member groups, including BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association, Cerebral Palsy Sports Association of BC, Canadian Amputee Sports Association - BC Division, BC Deaf Sports Federation, BC Therapeutic Riding Association, and BC Disabled Sailing Association.

Each year, BC Disability Sports entrusts a community in British Columbia to organize and manage of the BC Disability Games.  For many athletes, the Games represent the most important event of the year.  The Games provide an opportunity for novice athletes to experience competition, and for elite athletes to qualify for national and international events, and to serve as role models for other athletes with a disability.

HOST THE GAMES!!     Bids are currently being accepted to host the BC Disability Games in 2004, or 2005. Deadline for Bid Submission is  May 31, 2002


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Abbotsford 2002 BC Disability Games


Link HERE for Results from the Abbotsford 2002 BC Disability Games. Currently available:  


Athletics, Boccia, Lawnbowls, Golf, Swimming, Obstacle Course and Equestrian .

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